Scheduling activate cam and then deactivate

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Scheduling activate cam and then deactivate

Post by Serif » Fri Mar 05, 2021 5:26 am

New user for BI and i'm having a lot of trouble with profiles and schedules. I have one cam that I only want ON for a couple hours a day (8am till 10am) then completely offline the rest of the day. During those couple hours it should motion detect like normal but then turn off for the other 22 hours.

I'm in schedule drawing green and red bars all over and setting the cam to Active right now but when I hit OK the cam stays inactive.

I should mention i'm switching from ispy where you just click Enable and a time, then Disable and a time. I get that BI can trigger other things but this seems so overly complicated to me! I want to just draw green when its on and red when its off. Not sure what all this other stuff is for. And YES I did go through the help file and watched several youtube videos. They're all about setting the recording, not the active/inactive.
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Re: Scheduling activate cam and then deactivate

Post by jeyking » Wed Mar 17, 2021 11:10 pm

I agree with you. Instead of the option "Triggered + continuous each" (in Camera settings > Record) I would have expect something like "Triggered + scheduled". (Why on earth would one like to record a few seconds every ten minutes?). Searching for "scheduled recording" in the manual has no results!

Edit Tue Mar 30, 2021:
Actually using profiles is quite easy, but it took a while for me to see it through.
I guess for your need you have to edit the schedule of the camera itself (Camera settings > Schedule):
- Check 'Override global schedule for this camera';
- Set 'Select a profile to draw' to Inactive;
- Put your cursor to the most left of the green bar of Monday, so that a pencil appears with tooltip text 0:00 and drag it to the end of the bar of Sunday;
- Now, at 'Select a profile to draw' reselect profile Active and fill the hours the camera needs to be active.

If it doesn't need to show video for the inactive 22 hours, uncheck 'Continue to display and stream video while inactive' in the left corner of this same Schedule tab.
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