Send snapshot, how to?

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Send snapshot, how to?

Post by Hilikus » Thu Oct 01, 2020 12:09 pm


Today was the day that I started my 15 day demo with blue iris. It seems very likely that it will replace my ispy server completely. There is still one thing that I really do not understand even though I red manual thousand times. How to send snapshot to email.

Here's the thing:
- Someone pushes doorbell button and I'm able to send web requests to Blue iris server
- It generates web request: ... a&snapshot to get a snapshot.
- But how do I automate blue iris to send this photo as email attachments immediately as it is taken?

I was wondering about triggers. As a newbie I thought that there has to be trigger that creates alarm which sends snapshot to email. When I look at the triggers there is possibility to use "motion", "DIO" or "digital input". It seems like none of those really works as a trigger in this case..
I'm triggering motion to "on" when home security alarm is on and then I turn motion off when system is disarmed. This all happens in one default profile.
Do I have to create new profile or do I need something else than triggers to succeed. I'm almost done with whole setup...but this makes my head spin because I do not understand how it could work..
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Re: Send snapshot, how to?

Post by Hilikus » Fri Oct 02, 2020 4:30 am

And another couple of questions.. :)

How should group web requests work. I'm using webcore to send requests to Blue iris.
According manual there is just a few requests that can be made for the groups. Most of request types are for the individual cameras.
So, if I want to turn motion off from all of my cameras I need to send this request to all my 10 cameras:

So webcore piston would be:
run these lines when something happens

Wouldn't it be more ideal for user to be able send this command as a group?

Of course I thought that this is the right way to go but it is not possible. Why?

Second question in this post. What are these numbers in recorded clips:
Upper says 24m30s and lower 32m53s. What are those numbers. Clips are both under 30M and upper clip is 55sec long and lower is 27sec.
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