live view lag, recording is fine

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Re: live view lag, recording is fine

Post by atreyu » Fri Nov 27, 2020 7:36 pm

A little old but maybe of still use to you and those that come. But I had the exact problem you described. Laggy live feed, normal recording playback. Underutilized network, CPU, and memory. Furthermore, it looked fine when using web access or if the video was selected. The motion triggering often also seemed delayed.

My finding was to UNCHECK "Limit decoding unless required" under Camera then Video.

I have since learned that Reolink doesn't play very well with BI, my starting cameras. One issue is something around key frames. That check box tells Blue Iris to only use key frames (full image stills - the following are changes since last key frame). Based on my experience, apparently Reolink key frames are coming in every few seconds, if not longer. Since unchecking, live view is updating promptly, motion triggers are happening much more promptly (which turn on lights on porch and the garage), but as expected CPU usage has jumped. Not unexpected, and still manageable as the system is now analyzing 10 fps each of my low-rez feeds where as before it appeared to be only analyzing 1 fps or less across all four feeds.
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Re: live view lag, recording is fine

Post by atreyu » Sat Nov 28, 2020 12:55 pm

I later saw two things. The help files clearly explains the behavior seen. The checkbox causes it to only analyze key frames for motion and display unless selected. I also saw that my Reolink cameras have apparently a fixed 0.25 key frames per second for the low-rez feed. 0.5 kfps for the high-rez feed. :?

It all makes sense now, but I thought for a while that I had a memory/disk/cpu/software problem and my best Google searching didn't quickly point this out!
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Re: live view lag, recording is fine

Post by UnsprungMass » Tue Dec 08, 2020 8:40 pm

usalawnpros wrote:
Fri Aug 14, 2020 8:52 pm
I got rid of lag by disabling the windows page file.

Tried a few suggestions here and seen elsewhere online. Disabling page file is the only thing that worked.
Thank you!

I'm a new user to BI, and this was driving me crazy. I've got a well-spec'd dedicated computer with 32GB of RAM and I had previously moved the swap file to a high speed NVMe SSD, which was dedicated to the windows swap file and BI's caching folders.

My system is only using about 3GB with my single camera test setup (before I add more cameras). The lag and stuttering was driving me mad.

EDIT: Never mind, it was the fresh reboot necessitated by changes to the pagefile configuration that tricked me into thinking things were working. It rather quickly started stuttering and lagging again (within a few minutes). After more hours than I care to admit spent searching forums and tweaking settings, my issue was resolved by disabling hardware acceleration in the BI settings for the camera. After reading so much about how important QuickSync support is -- I didn't think to disable it.
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