PTZ Not working in BIv5 for Amcrest camera

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Re: PTZ Not working in BIv5 for Amcrest camera

Post by sniickers » Thu Apr 16, 2020 6:05 am

I believe this is a glaring issue with Amcrest cameras software or maybe hardware failing. I have several IP4M-1051 and IP3M-941 cameras. Over the past month, I have awakened to the cameras rebooted and sitting at the guard position. My network is secure and thoroughly locked down. For at least 2 years they have worked flawlessly with no issues. But I find them rebooted and have difficulty moving them around and or not responding to stored presets or losing the presets all together. I've plugged them into the network switch directly and still the same issues. The only thing that changed was about 2 months ago I updated the firmware on all of them and did the complete reset process as well to be sure. Now it's a daily battle of waking up to them pointing at the wrong location and fighting to get them pointing at the right location. I can no longer control the PTZ by BIv5 or Tinycampro which I use on my android phone.
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Re: PTZ Not working in BIv5 for Amcrest camera

Post by DrWhiskey » Mon Sep 27, 2021 1:15 pm

I have two Amcrest IP4M cameras and had the issue with both of the. What resolved it for me was to change the HTTP port in the cameras' settings (Network -> Connection) and then in my router, make sure to forward that port to the camera's IP address. I believe someone above mentioned that the PTZ controls are sent over HTTP changing the port in the camera and then making sure that port was forwarded to my camera works.

I hope this helps others.
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