Running as a Windows Service Checklist

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Running as a Windows Service Checklist

Post by YrbkMgr » Fri May 27, 2022 8:25 am

Before anything else, make sure that your BI service runs at Windows logon properly. Everything follows from there, so verify everything that needs to be in place for that to happen.

Windows Administrator Account Verification

1. Windows Log In - Assuming you are "the guy" who is in charge of BI, we need to make sure you log into Windows properly first. Your Windows account is either user or administrator. Here's how you find out which one you are using Control Panel:
Windows User Accounts 5.jpg
2. Blue Iris Service - Launch BI by right clicking on the icon and run as administrator. When prompted enter the information from your user account from the Users tab:
BI Local Account Log In User Credentials 0.jpg
Note: alternatively set user name to local_console and no password

3. Enable Windows Service and Always run as Admin

• Global settings -> Startup tab -> Enable Always run as Windows Admin
• Enable run as a Windows service

• Enter your own local Windows account (w/ admin privileges) in pop-up dialog - same UN/PW used to log into Windows
Windows User Accounts 7.jpg
• Restart BI once again to start the service
• Reboot the PC and log into Windows
• Run services.msc before launching the console and verify service status (Win+R: services.msc)
Run Services 2.jpg
Services - BI Service 1.jpg