Stand Alone BVR Player for recorded BVR's.

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Stand Alone BVR Player for recorded BVR's.

Post by tergin » Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:16 am


We are looking for Standalone BlueIris player. We would like to give some of our departments to check and watch the recorded files. Is there a standalone BVR Player for BlueIris records?


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Re: Stand Alone BVR Player for recorded BVR's.

Post by MikeBwca » Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:09 pm

Not that I know of. I've tried different video prgms.

There is a way.
1. In the main BI server, set up additional Users like 'Dept1', Dept2'...
2. Set these as non-admin, uncheck 'ptz/control' or your cameras will go cray when they all try to move them around. Check 'View recorded clips'.
3. If you want to limit a depts view to certain cameras, check 'Limit to camera groups', then select the group(s) of cameras. You would have first needed to set each camera in a group. For example if you want Dept1 to be only able to see cam1, cam5, and, cam7... set those cams in a group 'Dept1'. Likewise, if you want Dept2 to only be able to see cameras cam2 and cam4... set those cams to a group named 'Dept2'. If you don;t care who sees what, nevermind.
4. If you want a dept to only be able to login durring certian hours, then use the 'scheduled access' in the user settings.
5. When all that is done, have them login using UI3 with the username, and password you've set for that username.

I probably left some some stuff out.

You could setup an auto export to .mpg putting them to a shared folder. This would work for the motion files and the BVR's after they have been 'cut'. Benifet of this is they could use whatever video viewer they like to view the recordings.

You coudl also purchase aditional BI lisence's and setup remote/BI users with non-admin view only permissions. But, I have no experience with that.

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