Panasonic cameras lag after BI started with many cameras

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Panasonic cameras lag after BI started with many cameras

Post by rccrosier » Mon Sep 16, 2019 12:42 pm


I've got several installs of Blue Iris. I have an install of Blue Iris at one of the stores I work at, which has a Panasonic NVR and about 52 cameras.

Blue Iris is ONLY installed on an I7 PC with an SSD for live viewing (no recording). It has been on there for months with only about 30 cameras. The other day, our loss prevention manager added about 22 more cameras, but I forgot to tell him to disable recording. He then noticed there was a BIG lag on all the panasonic cameras when he's viewing them from his Panasonic software AND when viewing the cameras directly via the web interfaces.

I disabled recording on all the cameras the other day, but he reported yesterday that when Blue Iris is started, all the panasonic cameras IMMEDIATLY begin to lag again... exit Blue Iris and the problem goes away.

Anyone here know what might be causing this when not recording on any cameras, or how to fix it? Will we need to reduce the number of cameras back to less than 30 or so again?

Maybe I should try to reduce the frame rate on them all?

Thanks in advance!

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