Need help adding a remote camera. Desperate!

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Need help adding a remote camera. Desperate!

Post by NWHikerOR » Tue Aug 20, 2019 5:00 pm

Hi eveyone,

OK, i just deleted my post, so here goes. Short and quick.

Site A and Site B. Site A, 14 cameras connecting to a computer running windows 7 through a POE unmanaged switch. Site A has internet access. Site B, for offsite storage also has internet. Camera is a AMCrest IP5M

I cannot seem to get a camera from Site A onto the BI software at site B. All I get is "No signal". Site A has port forwarding in place for the camera on port 8293 for IP Site B in the configuration menu you can see by the images below. I'm under the gun here, so any help would be appreciated. I've searched the archives here, but cant seem to find anything. I'm the new guy at the company, but not new to tech. Again, any help would be nice.

configuration images are below.


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Re: Need help adding a remote camera. Desperate!

Post by pnewlon » Tue Sep 17, 2019 5:05 pm

NWHikerOR - while I would be completely useless to you as far as BI goes, at the moment. I think I can possibly help you with this. Having port forwarding by itself may not work, unless you are having that camera somehow try to connect to the BI server rather than the server connect to the camera. What is the IP network of A and B?

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Re: Need help adding a remote camera. Desperate!

Post by HeneryH » Thu Sep 19, 2019 1:49 pm

Did you set both ports equal or is that what the camera is reporting as the way it supports connections?

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Re: Need help adding a remote camera. Desperate!

Post by MikeBwca » Thu Sep 19, 2019 8:33 pm

Did you get this resolved?

On site A...
- Log into the cameras gui and get the the IP & port #. These are the actual #'s used by the camera - no matter what BI says. Also get the RTSP & ONVIF port #'s.
- Get the cameras 'Video/Configure' screenshot. This is the actual working ip:port, make/model. It will also have the RTSP/ONVIF port numbers, which should the same as what the cameras gui says in the previous step.

On site b...
This says the camera is a generic camera... there's the problem.
- Make sure the Video/Configure setting on site B is the same as on site A... make/model, port #'s including rtsp & onvif.
- If setting the camera to the same make/model doesn't work, try setting the camera model to 'Generix ONVIF'. Note sure if you need to specify the IP port #, or the ONVIF port # (And then pass the ONVIF port # thru the router).

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