Capture JPG on motion trigger

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Capture JPG on motion trigger

Post by mish » Wed Mar 24, 2021 11:22 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Blue Iris, but it's working very well for me.
I'd like to capture a single frame as a JPEG when a motion trigger occurs and make it accessible over HTTP.
This is so on an MQTT trigger, Home Assistant can send a Signal message with a still image in it.
I actually have this working, but I feel like I've come up with a "hack" and would like to know if someone has a better way of exposing the frame that triggered the motion as web accessible JPG.

What I've done is as follows:

This allows me to curl/download from the following URL:

Code: Select all

(002 seems to be where the motion generally happens).

Open to any suggestions on a better approach. :)
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