IP Cams gone from Blue Iris (and network)

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IP Cams gone from Blue Iris (and network)

Post by cjharp1128 » Tue Jan 19, 2021 7:42 pm

Hi all - I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum; feel free to to move me as needed....

The background: I bought a home last year with a FLIR 8 camera NVR system already installed. The NVR system was garbage (loud, slow), so I chucked it, but wanted to keep the camera system, composed of 8 FLIR N133ED bullet cameras. I swapped in a Hornbill PoE switch, installed Blue Iris on a workstation, and during the camera setup within Blue Iris I simply used the 'Find/Inspect' feature within the BI settings; it found all the connected cameras, and I added them one-by-one to the Blue Iris system. It was easy, and seamless. I never thought to stop and make note of the IP addresses that were established during the setup.

I fooled around with Blue Iris for a couple of weeks, but never got it fully setup the way I wanted (settings, recordings, notifications, etc), so I parked it until I had more time. Fast forward about 6 months, I fire Blue Iris back up, and am getting 'no signal' from all 8 cameras. Nothing of note changed much within my network setup over the course of those 6 months. No new network hardware, no changes which would have impacted any cabling, etc.

To troubleshoot, I downloaded a couple of software tools to try and identify the cameras on my network (Advanced IP Scanner, the FLIR IPConfig too), but the cameras are not appearing within my network. All devices/IP addresses/MAC addresses showing up on my network are verified and accounted for..... but no cameras. Also worth noting that the power & activity LEDs on my PoE switch are all lit up and indicative of good power and network activity.

I'm starting to drive myself a little crazy, and feel like I'm probably missing something obvious. Figured it was time to throw the situation up to a broader group of knowledge for answers (or at least new troubleshooting ideas).

Any thoughts are very welcome and appreciated!
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Re: IP Cams gone from Blue Iris (and network)

Post by TimG » Sun Jan 24, 2021 9:26 am

Is it possible the cameras don't have a fixed (static) IP address ? (i.e. they are set as DHCP). If the original NVR identified them by another means it could be possible. BI5 will be looking at the same fixed IP address as you previously set it to. If you can find the IP address, have a look at a cameras web interface to see how it is set up. Otherwise is there a manufacturers software that you can use to look more closely at the camera network settings ?

Reading your post again, you can see the IP addresses, but not the video feed from the cameras. Firewall issues ? Weird one this :?
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Re: IP Cams gone from Blue Iris (and network)

Post by IAmATeaf » Fri Jan 29, 2021 10:22 pm

Strange but maybe the cams have all reset to default? I’d unplug all the cams except 1 and then try get that cam on stream. If they have reset then you’ll need to find out what the default IP address is and then configure a laptop/desktop to be in the same subnetwork to try and see if you can contact and logon to the cameras GUI. Then set the IP address up, unplug it and then move to the next.
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