Camera connection error codes troubleshooting

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Camera connection error codes troubleshooting

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:idea: If Windows provides an error code when trying to connect to a camera, the error code will be shared in the camera window. This provides a direct path to self-correct based on the error code.

The Next steps / Submitting a ticket section at the bottom of the article states needed information to move forward.


Camera error code

The error code will be listed in the camera window as well as the Camera settings -> General tab.

symptoms to resolution_camera issues_error code.png
symptoms to resolution_camera issues_error code.png (59.5 KiB) Viewed 27662 times

Camera errors article
We are documenting known errors and resolutions in the link above. Go to the article, find your error and follow the guidance for resolution.

:idea: From the document, the 8000274C error is the Windows socket error:

Connection timed out.
A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or the established connection failed because the connected host has failed to respond.

Basically every time BI tries to talk to the camera, the camera times out.

Find/Inspect Dialog

User also shared the output from the Find/Inspect dialog. I covered the IP address in order to maintain privacy.

symptoms to resolution_camera issues_find inspect.png
symptoms to resolution_camera issues_find inspect.png (42.66 KiB) Viewed 27662 times

The timeout and 12002 error (also documented in the Camera errors dialog) further validates BI cannot talk to the camera.

What changed?

If the camera worked before, the question you have to ask yourself is what changed? Why does the camera no longer work? If the camera worked before and the error message is a networking (Windows socket) error, I doubt the issue is with the BI server settings.

  • I would double check how the camera connected. If the camera works via the vendor app, it's a safe bet the camera is fine. If you connected originally via UPnP, UPnP rules are often deleted by routers due to security if the connected device goes down. Try connecting directly to the camera (Step 2).
  • Reboot the camera. The ports used by BI (third party software) are often NOT the same ports used by camera vendor apps.
  • Install VLC on the BI server and see if VLC can connect to the camera.

Next steps / Submitting a ticket

If after all of the above, BI still cannot connect, it may be necessary to put the camera on the WAN for remote testing.

Support info: Include support info in body of email. Global settings -> About tab -> Email support button. Copy/paste information in body of email.

Describe the issue.
Camera make/model.
Can you connect camera via VLC.
Screenshot / video is always helpful.

Remote testing
Follow guidelines in link above for remote testing.

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