Creating short BVR files

Symptoms to Resolution

It's easy to state symptoms:
My BI server started crashing.
My recordings are missing.
No alerts are being sent.

Much harder to know how to investigate and self-correct or provide the needed information for support to help.

The articles here are frameworks on how to think about the issue and get to resolution.
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Creating short BVR files

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We sometimes require the original bvr file in order to investigate certain issues such as Record, Export or Playback issues. Many users use the popular Combine/cut feature in Record settings to reduce the number of files/recordings that are created on your file system. However, these BVRs often turn out to be quite large, usually 1 GB+ and has a lot of content that is irrelevant to the issue.

This article explains how to create a short BVR file that isolates the issue.

Small BVR files

Couple of options to make smaller bvr files. In Camera settings -> Record tab.

If you uncheck Combine or Cut Video, that will result in BI cutting the BVR file after each motion trigger.
Or you can leave Combine or Cut Video, and change the time length to something small like 15 min.
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