ONVIF Device Manager

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ONVIF Device Manager

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Similar to VLC, ONVIF Device Manager (ODM) is another very valuable open source software application used to troubleshoot cameras with ONVIF support.

Helper YouTube videos:
The ONVIF Device Manager video is a short 7 min video explaining how to use the software.
The How to Get the RTSP URL from IP Cameras video is great to learn how to get the RTSP URL to pull video from an IP camera.



If a camera supports ONVIF, ODM helps gather valuable information needed to connect the camera to BI. What's nice about ODM is that it will confirm other functionality available on the camera through ONVIF as well, e.g. PTZ.

Once connected to a camera, the application shows the RTSP URLs used to connect to the different video streams. With that information you should be able to input the same information into the BI IP Config Dialog to connect your camera.

For example, below is the RTSP URI of the camera determined by ODM.

ODM-URI.PNG (118.57 KiB) Viewed 29952 times

Based on the URL information, it is easy to now populate the IP Config Dialog as seen below:

ODM-ip config dialog.PNG
ODM-ip config dialog.PNG (105.32 KiB) Viewed 29952 times

ONVIF Triggers

ODM is also a great tool to learn which ONVIF events are supported by the camera. If you have a camera with advanced features such as Person/Vehicle detection and the camera supports ONVIF events, BI may be able to trigger based on the camera's AI.

In the image below, the events tab shows the ONVIF events generated by the camera. BI listens for isMotion:true/false, by default, so this camera would work perfectly with BI.

ODM_events.png (46.76 KiB) Viewed 29949 times

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