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Version Control - Software Version

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This article explains the different update tracks provided within Blue Iris. For one reason or another, users occasionally wish they could roll back a software update. Blue Iris makes this easy.

Based on proper version control settings you can prevent disruptions from updates.
  • If the new version is not working for you, jump back quickly to the previous version to get up and running.
  • (optional) When you have time to test further, install latest version again. Many users just wait for another update.
  • Use Software Startup article to get the latest release running again by leveraging the registry.
  • If needed, you now know how to go back to the last stable version if latest release is still problematic.
If you prefer to watch the webinar associated with this article, checkout the Performance and Troubleshooting webinar. The discussion of this article begins at 19:42.

Tips and Tricks (10-min Tutorials)

Software support and maintenance (updates)

Blue Iris provides multiple tracks for updating software. Global settings -> About tab -> Software Support and Maintenance.
  • No update prompts. No pop-up dialog when a new update is available.
  • No automatic updates. Pop-up dialog notifies user when an update is available. User chooses next steps. I choose this option because I like to know when updates are available, but decide whether to do the update. I like being in front of the machine when updates occur so I can confirm functionality after the update.
  • Critical and highly stable updates only. BI automatically downloads / installs critical and highly stable updates. If you are the type of user that wants a stable platform that has a high degree of running, choose this option.
  • All available major and minor updates. BI automatically downloads / installs all updates. If you are the type of user that wants the latest / greatest and doesn't mind instability and likes working with support to resolve issues, choose this option.
version-tracks_optimized.png (61.92 KiB) Viewed 18998 times

Going back to a previous version

To go back to a previous version of the software, select No automatic updates as seen below. If not selected first, after rolling back the software version, Blue Iris would again auto-update the software for example if the original selection were All available major and minor updates.
no-automatic-updates_optimized.png (100.75 KiB) Viewed 19431 times

Select Check for News and Updates button.
news and updates.PNG
news and updates.PNG (28.49 KiB) Viewed 19431 times
Select software version of interest
  • Remain with current version
  • Install latest critical or highly-stable update
  • Install latest update available
  • Another available previous update: Go back to an earlier version. Can only select the last stable version, e.g. Cannot choose
Choose action to be taken
  • Download only: Update will be located in Updates sub-directory in Blue Iris 5 Program directory.
    updates directory.PNG
    updates directory.PNG (10.32 KiB) Viewed 19431 times
  • Retain a copy of the update package: Similar to download only. However, this choice also installs the selected update.
  • Make a backup of the current executable: Saves current executable with version number in filename allowing the ability to quickly go back to original version if desired. (see image below)
    backup-executable_optimized.png (63.01 KiB) Viewed 19431 times
Final thoughts
  • If you want to roll back to a previous version with certainty, choose the appropriate version. Hit OK and BI will install that version.
  • If you are in a more exploratory mindset, choose the appropriate version you wish to explore. Select Make a backup of the current executable. If selected version does not work out, can easily switch back to your current version.
  • I now select Retain a copy of the update package. If an update is not working for me, I like to quickly pop back to the previous version, which may be different from the last critical or highly-stable update. Tips and Tricks video above has details.
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