Submitting Tickets - Good Ticket - Camera issues

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Submitting Tickets - Good Ticket - Camera issues

Post by varghesesa » Mon Oct 04, 2021 7:54 pm


Reporting a problem will not lead to resolution. This article is an example of a good ticket that led to a resolution.
A resolution could be a bug fix or a settings change that resolves the issue.
In this example, BI engineering had to fix the connector to the camera.

Why is it a good ticket

Clear and concise explanation of issue
I recently am noticing realtime slippage in what i see in blue iris and what i am seeing when viewing the camera directly from a browser. This time delay can be 10+ minutes. Restarting blue iris fixes the issues temporarily but they come back. I am using fast SSD storage for new recordings, and the database. I am recording direct to disk, I am not using any sort of overlay in blue iris or rendering the video as it comes in. The server it is running on is a Dell PowerEdge R620 with 12 logical processors with hyper threading so 24 cores total with 32GB of ram. There is no video card in this server. There does not appear to be any sort of resource contention issue. I have the server stats below and have taken a crystal disk mark test with Blue Iris turned off on the disk that is storing the Blue Iris Database and where "new" recordings are kept. I have also attached a copy of my config. I am seeing this time slippage on <vendor name> 4k cameras. I have screenshots of their configs for both blue iris and for the camera itself attached below as well.
The issue is with camera connectivity, so really the bold highlights is the essential information.
Since live view is the issue, the video pipeline is Camera settings -> Decode -> Display on console.
Thus, record settings, server info etc is not relevant, but does add details to the problem which is always good.

Supporting evidence

The supporting evidence is important because it makes it much easier to understand what you are trying to do and to quickly identify issues.

Visual of delay by overlaying stream from Camera UI against UI3. Clever, but not necessary.

camera issues_camera delay.png
camera issues_camera delay.png (238.63 KiB) Viewed 181 times

Camera encoding settings:

camera issues_encoding.png
camera issues_encoding.png (21.95 KiB) Viewed 181 times

Camera stats:

camera issues_video tab.png
camera issues_video tab.png (131.62 KiB) Viewed 181 times

IP Config settings:

camera issues_ip config.png
camera issues_ip config.png (42.68 KiB) Viewed 181 times

This user was clearly an IT professional. In addition to above he also provided screenshots of his disk usage analysis via CrystalDiskMark.
He provided a screenshot of the Video tab in BI.
It is not necessary to be an IT professional to submit a good ticket.

From the Checklist, there are 3 distinct steps to connecting a camera.
  • Camera settings
  • Connector settings
  • BI server settings
The user provided the Camera settings, Connector settings, the BI server settings (video tab) and the BI camera stats up front. This allowed support to dive into next steps and resolution immediately.

While some of the information was not needed, the content provided credibility that the user knew what he was doing and allowed support to confirm his settings were correct so we could identify the underlying issue.

Final Resolution

We ran further tests such as connecting the camera to VLC.
The final resolution turned out to be engineering had to get involved to fix the BI connector.


Before opening a ticket go through the self-help content.
The Connect cameras correctly section of the Checklist walks through connecting cameras.
The No signal error article walks through all the learnings from past tickets regarding camera No signal errors.
It's always good to run through the Windows Tuning article just to make sure Windows is not in conflict with BI.

The above is an example of a great ticket. However, some of the information while informative and provided more color around the issue, was not needed to resolve.

When you have camera issues the bare minimum are the details associated with connecting the camera.
  • What are the camera settings?
  • What are the connector settings? Not needed if you send the camera settings.
    Instead of screenshots, BI makes it easy to share the BI camera settings. Camera settings -> General tab -> Export.
  • What are the BI server settings? Not needed if the BI camera settings are attached to email.
Rule out your hardware or network issues. Easiest way to do so is by leveraging VLC as documented in No Signal Error article.

Questions to ask yourself:
  • What has changed?
  • Are there any errors in the logs?
  • How are the camera stats?
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