Release 5.5 - Layout Edit Mode

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Release 5.5 - Layout Edit Mode

Post by varghesesa » Thu Sep 16, 2021 3:54 pm


In BI5 v5.5+, we introduced the Screen Layout Edit functionality.
The motivation for this change was to associate camera groups to layouts. Why?

With all the different endpoints, console, TV, mobile phones, tablets users kept asking for ways to tweak layouts so they looked good on different endpoints. With the new Screen Layout, it becomes much easier to associate groups to layouts.
Say you have a group of cameras. Because of your monitor it looks good under one layout. Call it group1_console.
On the iPad, maybe the layout is not so great. Create an iPad layout for the same set of cameras. Call it group1_iPad.
Maybe reduce the number of cameras on the iPad. Call it group2_iPad.
A lot more flexibility.

This functionality should allow users tighter control of their camera views and camera positioning in order to maximize their endpoint view.

Release 5.5 screen edit button.png
Release 5.5 screen edit button.png (9.72 KiB) Viewed 4255 times

This article piggy-backs off of the Screen Layout and Frames section of the Help file.

Short Video Tutorials
Gotchas: Known problems / fixes based on past tickets

Gotcha 1: Where did all my right click display functionality in Cameras (Mosaic view) window go?

It's still available. You now first have to go into Edit layout mode.

Release 5.5 screen context menu.png
Release 5.5 screen context menu.png (125.98 KiB) Viewed 4254 times

Gotcha 2: My floating windows have disappeared

Not a problem. The functionality was just moved to the Edit layout mode.
To recreate your floating frames select Edit layout mode -> Right click to bring up context window.
You can float a camera or the group.

Release 5.5 screen desktop frame.png
Release 5.5 screen desktop frame.png (11.01 KiB) Viewed 4252 times

Gotcha 3: My camera has a 16:9 aspect ratio but came in as 1:1. How is that possible?

Release 5.5 screen anamorphic.png
Release 5.5 screen anamorphic.png (120.53 KiB) Viewed 4059 times

This would be called an "anamorphic" video. Use the anamorphic setting on the Video tab to set the correct aspect ratio.

However, this would only be possible with a single stream, not dual-stream, as the software uses the anamorphic setting already to force the sub stream into the same aspect as the main stream if they are not by default.

Gotcha 4: Disabled cameras are now visible in UI3.

When upgrading to V5.5, the new layout editor defaults to turning on Disabled cameras.

The fix:
1. From console: Go into Layout edit mode. Unselect and reselect Hide disabled cameras.
In UI3, right click -> Group layout -> Hide disabled cameras -> <No preference, Force on>
No preference uses the console group settings.
Force on will force Hide regardless of console settings.

Release 5.5_disabled cameras.png
Release 5.5_disabled cameras.png (104.84 KiB) Viewed 3966 times

2. In UI3, right click -> Group layout -> Hide disabled cameras -> Force on
Regardless of console settings, force UI3 to hide disabled cameras.

Gotcha 5: Camera titles

Camera titles may have started to appear in the UI3 interface.
Or two camera titles may have started to appear.

The reason is Camera titles that are activated in the BI console will now propagate to UI3.
Similar to Disabled cameras (Gotcha 4), you can force console titles on / off via Group layout -> Show camera names.

In addition, you still have the ability to turn camera titles on/off in the UI3 interface.

Release 5.5 camera labels.png
Release 5.5 camera labels.png (10.59 KiB) Viewed 2494 times

Gotcha 6: Frame Aspect Ratio

Problem: With the 5.5 Edit Layout functionality, the apps are now DYNAMIC, meaning it will change depending on the size of the display. The software is now trying to maximize the space available on the endpoint (i.e, TV, iPad, Tablet etc) instead of displaying the console view.

release5.5_ios.PNG (97.45 KiB) Viewed 1372 times

However, some users may just prefer to see the SAME view on all their endpoints.

release5.5_console.PNG (55.86 KiB) Viewed 1372 times

Tell BI to use the same frame aspect ratio that is on the console screen for the group view.
Now the endpoints displaying this view are forced to use the same aspect ratio and thus deliver the same view.
FYI, since knowing the frame aspect ratio is challenging, BI provides some common screen aspect ratios to choose.
Try the different choices to see if any work for you.

release5.5_ios fix.PNG
release5.5_ios fix.PNG (80.25 KiB) Viewed 1373 times

Notice how forcing the phone (iOS device) to use the console's aspect ratio results in less screen layout being used.
That is a trade-off today. Sure it will be resolved with future releases.

Pro Tips

Pro Tip 1: Stop using hidden cameras

Hidden cameras are messy. You forget you have them often times.
The original reason for hidden cameras was to provide ability to NOT show cameras on remote devices.
With the new Layout editor, groups are associated to layouts.
So, now you can create groups/layouts for every endpoint.
For example, you can have a console and mobile app group.
Each group would have it's unique set of cameras. Thus, you no longer need to worry about hiding cameras!
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