Profiles and Schedules

Details the major steps to configure and deploy Blue Iris.
Start with Onboarding Checklist article.
1. Setup Windows to work well with Blue Iris.
2. Connecting IP cameras.
3. Setting up Storage and Recordings.
4. Configuring your home or office network for Remote Access via a web browser or the phone apps.
5. Creating Triggers and Alerts.
6. Setting up AI with DeepStack
7. Creating Schedules and Profiles
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Profiles and Schedules

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Profiles and Schedules allow users to change BI functionality depending on time. For example, maybe alerts to guards are turned on during off hours for cameras facing the front door and off during business hours.

The Profiles and Schedules 101 webinar walks through many of the common use cases to provide a holistic view on how to use these features.

Similar to the other 101 series onboarding webinars, this webinar complements the corresponding section in the Help file, Shields, Profiles and Schedules.


The Gotchas section are learnings from past tickets.

Gotcha 1: Geo-fencing

The Profiles and Schedules webinar walks through setting up Geo-fencing correctly.
Geo-fencing is discussed at 1:00 hr into the webinar.

Confirm your user permissions are correct.
Global settings -> Users tab
Confirm your mobile device permissions are correct.
Global settings -> Mobile devices tab

Geofencing has always been more challenging on Android devices.
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