Camera Stream Optimization - Live View

Details the major steps to configure and deploy Blue Iris.
Start with Onboarding Checklist article.
1. Setup Windows to work well with Blue Iris.
2. Connecting IP cameras.
3. Setting up Storage and Recordings.
4. Configuring your home or office network for Remote Access via a web browser or the phone apps.
5. Creating Triggers and Alerts.
6. Setting up AI with DeepStack
7. Creating Schedules and Profiles
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Camera Stream Optimization - Live View

Post by varghesesa » Thu Sep 02, 2021 1:44 am


Not being able to connect cameras and streaming correctly can be a real frustration. This article does a deep dive on how to resolve this issue.
Fortunately live view has a very simple video pipeline: Camera settings -> Decode -> Console view

Camera settings

Camera settings
First what are the camera stats? Camera settings -> General tab
Are the stats lousy, e.g. 1 fps? If so, we need to figure out whether we have a BI issue, a network issue or a camera issue?

This is a good time to check your camera settings. The Camera settings article shares ideal camera settings.

VLC / Third party software
The next test is whether the camera works with other 3rd party software. VLC is the ideal test because you can install it on the same BI server.
By doing so, if VLC works, then you know for sure the camera is not the issue nor is the network.
The VLC article has details on how to install/run VLC if you are not familiar with VLC.

Camera connector (IP Config Dialog)
The IP Config Dialog determines how the cameras connect to BI. This is also part of the Camera settings node of the video pipeline.
Revisit your settings.
  • Make/Model = ONVIF/Generic. Works?
  • Make/Model = <Camera vendor>/<Model>. Works? (did you try all the models to see if any works?)
  • Make/Model = Generic / VLC. Works?
    If the camera works using VLC, try the VLC option in BI. This tells BI to use the VLC stream parser. Otherwise, BI uses its own stream parser.
    live view vlc.png
    live view vlc.png (7.69 KiB) Viewed 2492 times
The IP Camera Connection article outlines ALL the issues/fixes associated with connecting cameras from past tickets.


Turn Hardware acceleration on/off. Works?
Camera settings -> Video tab -> Hardware decode = No.

Next steps

If still unsuccessful, put the camera on the WAN for Remote testing. Next steps section in Camera stream optimization article has details.
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