Joystick for PTZ cameras

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Joystick for PTZ cameras

Post by Schnoidz » Wed Mar 10, 2021 2:06 am

I have several different Amcrest PTZ cameras and thought a joystick would be easier to use than clicking arrows with a mouse. I use BI on a dedicated Windows computer. I bought the "Mayflash F300 Arcade Fight Stick" and it works well for pan and tilt, but no zoom.

The "Mayflash" doesn't have a "Z" control and I thought that might be the problem. So I bought a Logitech "Extreme 3D Pro" which has X, Y and Z controls plus a Slider. It also has many buttons and a hat switch. Still I can't get zoom to work from the joystick.

Is anyone here using a joystick for PTZ cameras? Have you gotten zoom to work with it?

UPDATE: I tried out an Xbox controller and it sort of works. The 2 fingertip "fire" buttons do zoom in and out. The left joystick pans and tilts. On mine, when moving to the right it decides on it's own to travel to the extreme right and then stop. Mine isn't new and it's a wireless model that I did connect with a USB cable. Someone else reported to me that their cheap 1 year old generic Xbox controller (wired) does work and doesn't travel on it's own.

I'll keep experimenting with this. I really like the feel of PTZ with a joystick.
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