Version 4 is now available!

New design!  64-bit!  A real timeline view!  Multiple camera synchronized playback!  This major release requires a new installation.  Please download and install from the download page.  Please use your version 3 update check for the upgrade coupon code.  Check your inbox for a preview or install as a demo.



19 Responses to “Version 4 is now available!”

  1. Mike

    Ken it’s awesome! The timeline function is amazing, you have catapulted Blue Iris to the next level. Great job.

  2. Steve Dziama

    Awesome work Ken! w00t!

  3. Peter Chan

    Christmas came early!! Awesome job. Love this software. Protects the house and family using 15 HD IP cameras.

  4. Dave

    The product is excellent, simple and most of all reliable. Support is prompt and minor upgrades are easy.

    I look forward to running v4 starting today.

    What a nice Christmas surprise!

  5. Craig

    Thank you for this Ken, I use and recommend your software to many of my clients and thank you for your generosity in giving people who purchased this month a free upgrade. Merry Christmas.

  6. Lluís-R.

    Hi Ken, congrats for your non stopping development of this awsome and very functional piece of software.
    On the product roadmap development for version 4.xx, I see, time will be invested into items such as motion tracking, …, this was also on the roadmap of version 3.xx, I supose time gone with so many other as well useful topics, but do you have a timeline for motion tracking on version 4.xx?
    Thanks and Enjoy Christmas time!!

  7. Klaas Bloem

    Great improvements in timeline and 64bit version, thanks Ken!!

  8. lucdarox

    Amazing job.Thank you ken ! Merry Christmas ! thank you for all

  9. Aad

    Exelent work.
    I had removed and backed up V3 so that I could return if i would not like it.
    Then downloaded and installed the demo V4.
    I went a couple of hours working.
    I added 4 cameras and configured and played with it for a while and was convinced that it is an improvement.
    I ordered a new license for V4.

    I have the x64 version installed on win8.1 pro and its running like a train.
    More beautiful appearance and more buttons and sliders with a lot of control and adjustments.
    I’m good for the next few years.

  10. Russ

    I’m really pleased with the update and new design. I had a ptz camera on the old version which stopped working fully after a windows update and after installing this version, it inspected it very quickly and now all is back to normal.

  11. Mike

    New software looks nice. Be *careful* when purchasing the software since the eCommerce site will bundle a “download protection” feature. It can be removed from your cart, but if you just add the BlueIris software and click on thru to purchase it then you’ve also bought this “feature”

  12. Olivier

    Great job! Switched from latest Version 3 to Version 4: all cameras, all settings are there!
    Version 4 performs without any problems on my 64bit Windows7 i7 with 8G of RAM. Please do not forget to edit your firewall settings, otherwise remote access from iOS or Android will not be possible.

  13. Allan Madar

    Ken , nice updates to start out the new year with! Love the timeline bar!
    Any future options to be able to send the output commands to the digital outputs on the cameras?
    On screen PTZ commands, no more arrows? I got some odd rectangular boxes instead of arrows for PTZ command.
    Any future chance to have DVR capture license plateand show a frame shot of just the license plate captured?

  14. George

    I am in the process of upgrading to Blue Iris 4 (from Ver. 3). The download process was smooth. My cameras and existing Ver. 3 video files were automatically updated to Blue Iris 4. My computer is a HP pavilion HPE, running Windows 7 Professional, 3.40 Ghz, I7 CPU, 12GB Ram, 64 bit system, with 2TB hard drive. I currently have three (3) different model Foscam cameras running on Ver. 4. I will continue to add additional cameras (I have nine cameras) to test. Although it has only been three days, the cameras have been running with no issues on Ver. 4. I am very impressed so far with the quality of the recordings, motion detection, ease of use, the new timeline for search /playback, and 64 bit interface. As with any software there is a learning curve. I spent several days learning the Ver. 3. If you already are using Ver. 3, you should not have any problems with the upgrade. I had been using the Foscam software for over three years. I wanted to try the Blue Iris Software due to all the positive comments on Amazon and Foscam. The capabilities of the Blue Iris 4 Software far exceed the Foscam software, and other software packages I have researched. I have not found any comparable product to the Blue Iris Software with these features and stability given the low pricing. So far, I am extremely happy with the new version. Note: Ken has helped me in the past on Ver. 3 issue which turned out to be user error. If I find any issues I will post.

  15. Barry

    Wow! Great job Ken! I hate major updates as it often leads to hours of work to get things back to the way they were and waited a few days before updating to the 64 bit version hoping for a few more positive responses, but finally went ahead and it couldn’t have been easier and trouble free. Everything was as before (except with the new interface and in 64bit mode of course) and working perfectly.

  16. Marco

    Next giant Step for BlueIris, it’s every €uro worth, greetings from Austria!

  17. Tom Mendenhall

    Upgraded from 32 bit v3 to 64 bit v4. CPU load lower now. Rock solid. Been running 24/7 for > 1 year. The only time I reboot is monthly after applying Microsoft patches for Windows 8.1.

  18. Courtney Harrington

    This is the *best* camera program on the market. For those that take the time to read the help files and play a bit, the depth of what it does – and can do – far surpasses anything, no matter the cost.

  19. Scott Kahler

    Finally, the software became more than just a toy. :) So, like most people, I purchased the software with the perceived need for additional security and a desire see what’s going on outside my house. The software takes a while to configure and perfect if you are the average Joe. I have a strong IT background, so I took it a step further looking for small ways to optimize my network and dedicated computer to take the product to the next level. Out of the box the software is stable and can be operational within minutes. I’ve enjoyed “playing” with the cams and software. But last week, it earned the respect by the local law enforcement officers and me.

    I came home very late one evening and caught an “interesting” individual acting very suspicious in the ally behind my home. Once the individual saw me, he turned tail and ran. I called the police, met with them on site, and gave my basic information. Later, and out of curiosity, I reviewed the recordings of the ally and saw much more than we originally suspected. “I” only witnessed a suspicious event. The camera and Blue Iris 4 saw much more. Enough, in fact, that he was behind bars the next morning and the police were more than pleased to have an export of his debut on my camera.

    The cops and I are now on a first name basis (in a good way) and my neighbors are talking about purchasing cameras to cover their respective views of the shared courtyard. I have no regrets about making the investment on the cameras, computer, and Blue Iris 4 software.

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