This version seems to work-around some unexplained crash issues with Windows 7 64-bit and the 64-bit version of Blue Iris.  Hopefully we are now full steam ahead!  Happy New Year!

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  1. Jürgen

    Thanks, looking good so far.

  2. Joachim Heiß

    I tested the last Version 4.
    Easy Connection with 6x IP Cams. (Wansview NCL616W).
    The Settings/Handling of the Software is difficult, because the language is only in english and its very difficult to understand. A german Version would be fine.
    Very good is the Option to send a Alert Video per mail.
    Perhaps a posibility for saving the Alert -Pictures and Videos to 2 or more places is desirable.
    A little bit gloomy is the dark Background.

    I think, the Price of the Software is justified, but it should be not expensiver. Ist on the upper level for a private user.

    best regards
    Joachim Heiß

  3. Silvio Luigi

    I have found a bug with 64bit version of Blueiris with Webcast service
    I have tried to stream my webcam on Ustream service
    Streaming start but in ustream image don’t appear and i see only a black image
    I have tried instead with 32 bit version of Blueiris with same setting of first and instead it work and i see webcam streaming
    So i think that is related to 64 bit version of software
    I’m using windows 8.1 64 bit

  4. Brenton Meeks

    I just upgraded from 3.66 to the newest and I am so pleased with all the great new features and new layout. This upgrade was so painless and effortless thankyou Ken for all your hard work. Please think about getting some in camera motion working on some of the more popular cameras out there. That will definitely get you alot more people purchasing this amazing software.

  5. James

    Version 4 is working well for me. Just a tip for people upgrading from v3, I strongly recommend taking a backup of your settings using the Settings-> Export Setting button once you install V4 and before you de-install V3. I was careful removing V3 but it still removed my config. Using the v4 Export file I could quickly put it back via the Import v4.reg button though with no issue.
    Nice update!

  6. Didier

    Working really good! Now for the next update it would be very nice to have some more settings and layouts for the web view. 😉 Keep up the good work!

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