New Blue Iris Review

Thanks Jim at JimCoSoftware for the excellent review!


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  1. Jim

    I’ve been using Blue Iris for my home security system for about 3-4 years. I cannot say enough good things about it. Having used a few other specialty security systems and being completely underwhelmed I was thrilled when I found Blue Iris. I run 5 1080p cameras 1 720p and 2 480p cameras recording all streams 24/7. The software does what I need and a thousand times more and on my 6 year old PC only requires 15-18% CPU utilization. I can store 3-4 weeks of all streams on a single 4TB drive. I do recommend the Western Digital Purple drives as they are designed for this type of security application. Standard drives will last roughly about a year in my experience. I do wish there was a remote application I could run on a PC to fully control Blue Iris, but I also found that a remote control application such as TeamViewer run from a remote PC does the job just fine. I can leave my security PC running full time for months at a time without any problems. The software is very stable and I have NEVER seen it crash. Ken at Perspective Software does a great job and is willing to help if you need it. My only complaint is that I have never required any of the many new features added and yet I was required to pay an upgrade fee to stay current. This may not be a problem for business users, but for an old disabled vet living on a very limited income I find it to be a bit much.

  2. Sandy Hamm

    I didn’t want to implement a stand-alone NVR. This server software that runs on one of my PCs is fantastic and meets my needs. Together the PC Blue Iris server software and the smart phone App do everything I could ask for.

    I have configured into Blue Iris cameras from both TRENDnet and SUNBA manufacturers, all purchased on Amazon.

    I have configured all cameras to record continuously – 24/7. But you can establish time of day recordings or motion-triggered recordings if that’s your preference. I have the storage capacity for continuous recording.

    The PC is loaded with two 1TB SSD drives dedicated to retaining 30 days of content for all of the 6 cameras I have installed into Blue Iris. I plan to add a HIkvision doorbell camera as soon as it arrives from ALIExpress (not available yet in U.S.).

    The server software allows review of saved videos and they can be viewed slowly or at speeds up to 128x. The videos or portions can be exported to .mp4 format.

    I will say because Blue Iris is so robust there is a substantial learning curve to become fluent with all its features. And independently of Blue Iris one needs to be experienced with their router, with static IP addresses for the cameras, and proper port forwarding. Basic router/camera stuff.

    But in the end, using this server side software on a PC along with my iPhone and the great Blue Iris smart phone App, I have full access to all my cameras, video & audio (audio if supported by the camera) from inside the home or from ANYWHERE in the world.

    The server software is reasonably priced and the App is free. You cannot go wrong.

    If you look around the Internet at camera and camera software blogs and reviews, etc. you will consistently see rave reviews of Blue Iris, which is often shortened to “BI”

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