• Version 4.1.6 released

    This version adds an new “admin” console user and then tracks new alerts on a per-user, per-camera basis.  The client apps will be able to use this information to show new[…]

  • Version 4.1.5

    This version allows you to share camera audio among multiple cameras and it supports the SeaLevel Ethernet DIO devices.  There are also numerous other enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Version 4.1.3

    In addition to correcting a couple of large bugs, this version has a very interesting feature … the Alert list as served to the client apps now sorts each camera’s most[…]

  • Windows 10

    Blue Iris has been tested on and works great with Windows 10!  You will likely need to re-enter your license key, so have that handy.

  • Version 4.1.2

    This release is packed with some powerful new features added as direct requests from customers.  Keep them coming!

  • Version 4.1.1

    This new release contains an update to the ActiveX control, allowing it to use HTTPS and display UTC timecode.  The release also contains updates to video compression components, and allows fractional[…]

  • Version 4.1

    This version add an important tool to assist with the most common support issue–remote access.  Use the globe icon to open the wizard which will walk you through all of the[…]

  • Version 4.0.9!

    This version contains some very exciting changes for enhanced video stream timing and audio/video synchronization.

  • Version 4.0.7

    Like fulfilling a campaign promise, this version now supports bulk clip conversion/export!  Select one or more BVR clips on the clip list and then use Convert/Export on the right-click menu.  The[…]

  • Web site outage

    Apparently the site was too much for its shared host on Arvixe. They very politely informed us of this simply by pulling the plug. It was a very long night. My[…]