Support for image preview with push notifications and support for the Doorbird camera, an excellent alternative to the closed-ecosystem “Ring” device

Website update

We have successfully transitioned to a new web server host.  Big thanks to Mike Ford from Safe Cloud Studios for his efforts to get WordPress moved over!  The new server seems[…]

Version 4.3.7

With a significant advancement, Blue Iris may now stream from generic RTMP, RTMPS and Flash sources.  This provides compatibility with the Nest and Dropcam and other cameras which only offer RTMP[…]


This version fixes an issue with compatibility with Windows 10 32-bit version 1511.  The video decoding and scaling code has also been updated.

Apple push update

Version contains an updated BlueIrisApplePush.exe with renewed security certificates.  These expire each year on October 30 and we will try to catch this and renew early next year to avoid[…]

Version 4.2.1

Significant updates and enhancements to the motion sensing and object detection algorithms

Version 4.2.0

In addition to video decoding updates, this version contains important security updates for H.264 RTSP parsing.

Version 4.1.9

Big changes to the network camera configuration window!  The make/model list has been broken out and will allow for a much larger camera template database.  The process of locating cameras on your[…]

New Blue Iris Review

Thanks Jim at JimCoSoftware for the excellent review!  

Version 4.1.8

This version features per-profile recording folders and paths, as well as new user session time limits.